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Prevent Sliding,Wheelchair Restraints for Elderly Patient Disabled,FUSHIDA Constraint Jacket

Color: Blue

  • ❤ Material: Our wheelchair seatbelts made up of soft,breathable Modal mesh,which can make comfort and safety for disabled elderly duraing daily care.
  • ❤ Size: One size fits most. Ajustable shoulder belt length up to 51" and waist belt can be up 102".wheelchair Restraint vest makes patient more safe. When using, please adjust the wheelchair belt straps according to the patient's body shape, so that the patient is stably fixed on the wheelchair.
  • ❤ Secure Wheelchair Seat Belts - Designed for persons who require a safety belt while in a wheelchair or in bed, waist and abdomen protective restraint, prevent the patient fall and anti-slip
  • ❤ Prevent Elderly Forward Sliding - Prevent patient or elderly sliding & falling down from the wheelchairs.Medical wheelchair seatbelt restraints are availble to who are suffering from seizures, spasticity or at risk to fall out of their wheelchair.


Wheelchair Seat Belt,Wheelchair Adult

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