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Silvert's Adaptive Clothing & Footwear Men’s & Women’s Extra Wide Soft Fleece Diabetic Bootie Slippers for Seniors

  • EASY ACCESS: As experts in senior sneakers and adaptive wear, Silverts developed the Unisex Extra Wide Soft Fleece Diabetic Bootie Slippers to give seniors a better option. The Easy Touch closures and adjustable closing strap make it remarkably easy to take these elderly walking shoes on and off when self dressing. These safety shoes for women and men are the perfect gift for wheelchair bound seniors or the older people in your life.
  • LASTING COMFORT: Despite the easy access, these sneaker slippers for women and men were designed with comfort as a top priority. First of all, the super soft polar fleece with warm pile lining and adjustable strap give you total control to find the ideal comfort level. These medical shoes for women and men also feature a roomy fit, which is why these are often chosen as diabetic slippers for women.
  • SLIP RESISTANT: Whether they’re used as swollen feet shoes, diabetic shoes for women wide width, or shoes for edema, the Silverts Unisex Extra Wide Soft Fleece Diabetic Bootie Slippers deliver mobility and protection with the slip resistant soles. These slippers shoes for women indoor and outdoor offer stability in the home, hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and even outdoors. They’re recommended by those within the field of diabetic neuropathy or for post-surgery.
  • ADAPTIVE FIT: Due to the wide width, the slip-resistant soles, and easy access of these sneaker slippers, they’re often used as diabetic shoes for women or as handicapped shoes. This adaptive footwear is perfect for swollen ankles, swollen feet, ultra wide feet, and more. Thanks to the adjustable comfort, the Unisex Extra Wide Soft Fleece Diabetic Bootie Slippers can be used as edema shoes for swollen feet, wide tennis shoes for disabled women, or slipper shoes for women indoor and outdoor.
  •  As deep shoes edema sufferers love, these big slippers sneakers provide width, comfort, and stability. These shoes for swollen feet women come in Black, Navy, and Fuschia.
  • Pink or  Blue

Diabetic Slippers

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We currently have Medium in-store, but all sizes can be ordered for in-store pick up or delivery

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