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  • his Dotday walker skis glides is designed for standard walkers and offers smooth and effortless movement on any floor surface. These walker skis glides are compatible with various types of walkers, making them suitable for individuals with different needs, no matter your walker need 2 pack or 4 pack glide.
  • Enhance Mobility with Sturdy Material: Crafted from premium plastic, these walker glides ensure durability and longevity. They provide a reliable walking assistant for seniors and anyone with limited mobility. Move freely and confidently on various types of flooring with these glides.
  • Versatile Skis for Walkers: Dotday skis for walkers are designed with a diameter of 1 1/8 inch, perfect for those almost standard walkers, who require extra stability and support. These skis are suitable for seniors and individuals with mobility issues, allowing them to navigate different surfaces effortlessly.
  • Walker Ski Glides for all Flooring Types: With these walker ski glides from Dotday, you can comfortably walk on any floor surface, including tiles, carpets, and hardwood. Enjoy the convenience of smooth mobility and improved safety with these versatile accessories.
  • Essential Walker Accessories for Seniors: Dotday brings you a practical and thoughtful gift idea. These walker glides are a perfect addition to any walker, enhancing the walking experience for seniors and individuals with limited mobility. Give the gift of improved mobility and comfort.

Walker Skis Glides for Folding Walkers, Walker Glides

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